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Welcome to Sexy, Sober and Single!


Welcome to the hottest, sexiest, most awesome sober dating site on the internet!  At least, we hope it will be.  But we NEED YOU TO JOIN!  The first 250 members will get FREE PREMIUM ACCOUNTS FOR LIFE!!!!!  And since at the moment the only members are just me and some dude I know, you have a pretty good chance of getting in on the ground-floor AND first pick at whoever joins after you!

I setup this site because I'm am all three of the things in the name.  I know there others of you out there too.  I also know being (recently) sober, that dating is difficult as a sober person.  Get about 15 beers in me and I'll talk to anyone.  No booze and I'm a deer in the headlights if a pretty girl even glances at me.

I'll be honest here - anyone can join the site.  I have no magic sixth sense to tell me if someone is single or not.  I don't send out breathalizers to every new member to check for sobriety.  And honestly, I don't care.  Everyone can join.  Maybe you WANT to get sober, and you're just looking for other people to engage in sober activities with to kick off your sobriety.

Maybe you found out your significant other is a cheating, lying scumbag asshole, so you want to get back at them.  Or you're about to break up with them but you feel you need someone to fall back on because you just can't be alone.  I know the feeling.

Maybe you think I'm hot and sexy and you want to meet me.  I'm available, and obviously when this site takes off, I'll be rich and famous, so you better get your foot in the door quick.

Also, the site is free.  At least the important parts.  You can chat with people, see their pictures, send messages, use the forum, and all the other stuff you should be able to do on those other dating sites.  There will be a very lost cost premium membership that will provide a few extra (unnecessary, but fun, features).

So I'll keep updating.  Come check us out.  I mean, it's FREE.  What do you have to lose?

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